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Hair Care Panda 2x Vegan Gummies MAMA + Scalp Massager

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The bundle includes

  • 2x Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies MAMA
  • Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager
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About the productStrzałka do rozwinięcia kategorii

masażer do skóry głowy

1 Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager show

Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager - scalp massager

Turn ordinary hair washing into a relaxing and cleansing treatment!

Remove sebum, dirt, dandruff, bacteria and dead epidermis from the scalp with the Hair Care Panda massager, more precisely than with regular washing.

Massage with soft silicone nubs improve blood circulation and stimulate hair roots. More oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to the skin. What about the results?

Healthier and more beautiful hair will grow faster!

That's not all. Do you know that the scalp is often very tense due to stress? The Hair Care Panda Massager will thoroughly cleanse the impurities from the skin and perfectly relax the scalp, putting you in a blissful mood.  :)

It is perfect for people with long nails

If you like long nails or you often do a manicure, the Hair Care Panda Massager is perfect for you. Wash your head more conveniently and don't worry about damaging your nails with our massager!


Hair Care Panda Massager:

–    thoroughly removes dirt and impurities 

–    stimulates hair growth

–    perfect for head peeling

–    relaxes

–    stimulates blood circulation

–    for all hair types

–    good for washing and scrubs


Convenient to use

The massager does not slip out of hand and it is comfortable to use thanks to a special handle. Apply shampoo to the scalp, gently lather it with your fingers, then gently massage the scalp with circular motions for a few minutes. You can also use it with oils and lotions.

Be #zerowaste with us and take care of the environment!

Love and protect the planet with us! Hair Care Panda is sealed in a packaging, which is suitable for segregation. After finishing the product throw them to proper containers or reuse them! Let's take care of the Earth together! ❤️

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CompositionStrzałka do rozwinięcia kategorii

masażer do skóry głowy

1 Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager show

The massager is made of silicone.

FAQStrzałka do rozwinięcia kategorii

masażer do skóry głowy

1 Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager show

Hair Care Panda Scalp Massager - scalp massager

1. Is this massager suitable for all hair types?
Yes, our massager is suitable for all hair types.
2. How to clean the head massager?

Just wash it in warm soapy water.

3. Can I use the massager only for massage, without washing my head at the same time?

Yes, there are no contraindications.

4. What material is the massager made of?

The massager is made of silicone.


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The opinion of experts

This pleasant form of hair vitamins should not be ignored because the results are visible even in the first phase of the treatment thanks to the special  formula

dr Violetta Tomaszewicz

Hair loss is one of the most frequent problems of women and men. A high amount of biotin can solve this problem, however, regularity and its proper amount are the most important.

Edyta Kluś
a trychologist

Regularity is the most frequent problem of my clients. All of them know very well how to take care of their hair, both from the inside and the outside. However, only some remember about their everyday supplementation of essential minerals. Finally, I have a solution which is available in form of delicious vegan gummies that you simply cannot forget!

Mariusz Kur
a hairdresser and trychologist

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